Saturday, August 24, 2019

In a rural village in Sri Lanka, finding clean water is only one of the difficulties Ruwansiri faces. After the family well was poisoned by agricultural chemicals, Ruwansiri’s father succumbed to chronic kidney disease. His mother works to support the family and is forced to rely on an unsavory neighbor who does not have the family’s best interest at heart. At school, he struggles to understand his lessons in a rigid educational system that does not go beyond memorization-based learning. Unfortunately, his grandfather, the only one who understands him, will not be with him much longer. Can the joy that music brings to his life overcome the crushing environment that is toxic to the body and spirit? 


Event Information

Location: Astor Cinema

Date: 2019-Aug-24

Time: 2:00PM

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Phone: Ravi 0402 846 675

Email: [email protected]

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