About LankaEvents.com

Lankaevents.com is a subsidiary of Yasiru Multimedia Pty Ltd (ABN 25 081 019 749) in Sydney, which is incorporated in Australia. The Yasiru Multimedia also operate Lanka Vision and it is the leading Sri Lankan event management company outside Sri Lanka. The company has been operating since 1991. Recognised as a market leader in Sri Lankan event management and entertainment industry, the company recently won the SLIM brand Excellence award for its brand “Lanka Vision”. We are constantly investing in Technology and innovation and has a commitment to deliver world class service across the entertainment sector including live entertainment, Film/TV production and Sri Lankan TV broad casting service over IPTV. Lankaevents website was first launched in 2010 and online ticketing facility was also introduced primary for events managed by Yasiru Multimedia Pty Ltd. The original site was intend to be used only for our own productions. Although number of Sri Lankan News/Events sites operating successfully in Australia, there is not a single Sri Lankan website dedicated for events across Australia. With this in mind, we are releasing this new website to fill the vacuum and intend to work hand in hand with other operators in Australia. Featuring music, culture, lifestyle and every event in between, LankaEvents.com is a one-stop shop for Sri Lankan event managers across Australia. We also provide services in the area of event management, promotion, marketing and ticketing, offering you all the tools required to promote your event - no matter the audience or scale. We empower event organizers with ticketing, publishing and management tools that maximize the success of their events. Yasiru Multimedia Pty Ltd including its subsidiaries, Lanka Vision and Lankaevents.com was founded by Kithsiri Karunaratne, a respected person in Entertainment field in Sri Lanka and Australia. Kithsiri served as the Head of IT for more than 10 years at the Sydney Opera House, the busiest entertainment Centre in the world and responsible for development of the first online real-time ticketing system in Australia. Wealth of knowledge and experience gained during his tenure with Sydney Opera House influenced him to introduce the lankaevents.com.